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An annual festival full of exciting programs Busan International Magic Festival

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By ji young park Journa, 2015-08-11 14:45 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) ji yo An annual festival full of enchanting and exciting programs is taking place from August 7th through August 9th.

The Busan International Magic Festival, having been successful for nine years straight, involves over 100 participants from 16 different countries. It is indeed going to be a blast for both magicians and audiences alike.

The opening ceremony at Haeundae beach officially announced the beginning of the Busan International Magic Festival on the August 7th.


The event is to be held for three days starting from August 8th at the Busan Cultural Center.

There are many programs in which the guests can participate, including the specially planned shows, international magic competition, and exhibition of Pyongyang (North Korea) magicians.

One of the most unique features of the Busan International Magic Festival is the fact that both magicians and non-magicians can participate in the event.

Amateur magicians who managed to pass the preliminaries will compete each other during the festival to win international fame and honor.

There will be some very notable guests during this festival. Michael Ammar, just to name one, is a world-renown teacher of magicians.

He is going to perform and lecture his timeless magic that gave him an international fame.

Including Korean magicians like Choi Hyuen Woo, Park Sul Ha, Yang Hee Jun guests magicians from Germany, the United States, and Ukraine visited Busan to mystify and entertain Korean audiences.

[Levent / Magician]
Well since the past 6 years, I would say that probably the finest cutting edge sleight of hand in terms of stage manipulation which is coming from young magicians from here in Korea. They're the number one in the world right now.

The Night Gala Show is planned on the final day of the Busan International Magic Festival.

Award winning magicians from all over the world are preparing their shows to give a truly magical experience to everyone.

Another interesting attraction is the Dealer Booth section of the venue. Here, inventors and dealers from various parts of the world bring their finest items for sale.

Meanwhile, an inspection team is visiting the 2014 Busan International Magic Festival as Busan is a one of the candidate cities trying to host the 2018 International Federation of Magic Societies World Championship of Magic.

The members of the inspection team are highly influential figures in the magic society and were invited as judge panels in the international magic competition.

At the close up magic show, you can experience and be part of the magic in a small space.

At the night gala show, you can witness the striking scene where world-class magicians create true enchantment.

You can participate in this internationally recognized International Festival.

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