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NSP NEWS AGENCY, By nam seon DO Journali, 2015-12-07 10:03 END7

During winter, Lounge presents a promotional dessert menu offering the world’s finest gourmet chocolate from Switzerland


(Busan=NSP News Agency) nam seon DO Journalist = Featuring splendid views of the ocean, Lounge presents a chocolate dessert promotion for guests to warm up during winter and the year-end holidays. The promotional menu includes a chocolate fondue and a chocolate fondant, both prepared with Park Hyatt Busan’s sophisticated touch and the exceptional flavors of Felchlin chocolate, the premium Swiss brand renowned as one of the world’s finest gourmet chocolates.

Presented with sensuous plating, the chocolate fondue includes a selection of premium desserts such as chocolate pound cake, marshmallows, red velvet sponge cake and chocolate rice crackle, along with Felchlin’s dark chocolate fondue and chocolate hazelnut fondue, both of which feature exquisite flavors. The chocolate fondant features oven-baked, bite-sized chocolate-orange cakes with sweet molten chocolate inside. These promotional desserts allow guests to enjoy the complex flavors of premium cacao, served with the perfect complement: refreshing strawberries and vanilla Chantilly cream.

Offering the best way to enjoy sweet chocolate with romantic views of the ocean, Lounge’s chocolate dessert promotion is available throughout December. The chocolate fondue is priced at KRW 35,000 for two people, or KRW 50,000 with two cups of coffee. The chocolate fondant, plus two cups of coffee, is priced at KRW 38,000 (tax included).

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