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Hyundai IBT, Starting Direct Sales via '' in China

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By Hanah Choi Journalis, 2015-12-23 01:10 END7
#Hyundai IBT

(Seoul=NSP News Agency) Hanah Choi Journalist = Hyundai IBT starts storing at Chinese international direct purchasing website ‘’ to occupy international direct purchasing market firsthand.

Hyundai IBT(CEO: Oh, Sang-gi) was recently offered to store at ‘’(CEO: Wei, PinHui[唯品會]), the biggest Chinese international direct purchasing shopping mall which has about 100 million members, and internal procedure for storing at the website is getting under way.

As early as January next year, Hyundai IBT is planning to sales a brand product called ‘Vitabrid’ throughout China.


Hyundai IBT first schedules release of product ‘Vitabrid Hair’ of which sales is soaring in Japan and which aims at Chinese alopecia patient, and product ‘Vitabrid Face’ for female who are experiencing difficulties in skin care.

Currently in a section of Korea and Japan in ‘’, well-known brands such as Amore Pacific, The Face Shop, Kose, and SK2 already stores at the website.

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