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SK telecom succeed in communicating with 5G between outer base stations, cooperating with Samsung Electronics

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By jonghyuk Kim Journal, 2016-09-21 01:22 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) jonghyuk Kim Journalist = SK telecom (representative Donghyeon Chang) succeed in verification handover technique performance with 5G which bandwidth is on 28GHz, between outer base stations around company building in Bundang, cooperating with Samsung Electronics.

Handover technique is the key technique for providing 5G service continuously when customers keep moving.

Two companies succeed in a realizing stable Gbps communicating speed performance, like full HD video call and UHD streaming service, when the vehicle equipped 5G device, moved between 5G trial base stations installed around company building in Bundang.


Jinhyo Park, chairman of network technology SK telecom said, “SK telecom established a bridgehead for providing 5G trial and commercial services by means of this 5G system handover demonstration.” “We will try to create new ecosystem and grow continuously together by boundless cooperating with various business partners.” he added.

Kyounghoon Jeon vice president, head of next generation business team of Samsung Electronics said, “The 28GHz 5G handover demonstration this time is the most similar with real mobile communication service among 5G technique trail performances till now. We are to do our best to make customers experience result of technology Samsung has accumulated in the field of 5G, as soon as possible.”

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