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SK Telecom's venture , signed a $10 million export contract with US company

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By Hanah Choi Journalis, 2016-09-28 19:57 END7

(Seoul=NSP News Agency) Hanah Choi Journalist = SK Telecom (CEO, Dong-hyeon Jang) released a statement that its venture affiliate Cremotech (CEO, Seong-su Kim) has signed a US 10million export contract which supplies smart beam laser projectors with United States distribution company KDC.

Smart beam laser projectors that Cremotech is going to supply to KDC are not a existing smart beam product but the pico HD projector with up to 100 lumen and bar types .

The scale of this contract is about $10 million. ( approximately ₩11 billion won)


The US company KDC which signed export contract with Cremotech for smart beam laser said in a statement ,"we have decided to introduce the products of Cremotech to the American Market based on excellent technical skills and all their outcome"and highly evaluated possibility of success of Cremotech in the American market.

SK Creative Economy Promotion Division President Lee, Jae-ho said in a statement,"Cremotech's export contract with US has proved possibility of entry into global market through cooperation of the major company and the venture company", and he added"we will work with venture companies by providing continuous support and build the ICT ecological system in which major companies grow with small venture companies."

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