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Hyundai Merchant Marine and JG commercial launched a new route Korea-China-Russia

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By dILFUZA Sultanova Jo, 2017-11-17 23:05 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) dILFUZA Sultanova Journalist = From late December, Hyundai Merchant Marine will launch a container liner service linking the Janggum merchant vessel with major ports in Korea, China and Russia
In the end of December of this year, Hyundai Merchant Marine plans to introduce 5000 containers with a volume of 1000 ~ 1700 TEU together with the Janggum trade ship, adding new ports such as Busan, Ulsan and Gwangyang as new services.
In particular, the service will be operated jointly with Janggum, a member company of the HMM + K2 consortium launched in March.
The new services will be divided into two routes, Central China and South China.

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