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LG electronics restructured itself and executive employees for 2019.

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By jeonghyun go Journal, 2018-11-28 19:24 END7
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(서울=NSP통신) jeonghyun go Journal = LG electronics held the board of directors on November 28th and proceeded to restructure its organizations and executives employees for 2019.

LG electronics implemented an innovative change in its reorganization to enhance responsibility management based on profitable business for sustainable development and secure its new growth engine as well as core competence early.

The number of promoted employees is a total of 56 including 5 vice presidents, 12 executive directors and 39 directors.


LG electronics selected employees who have potential abilities with remarkable capacity for future as well as its business achievement from thorough performance.

In particular, they tried turning the organization into a flexible group with youths who can lead innovation and challenges.

LG electronics plans to newly establish 'Robot Business Center' and 'Self-driving business Task' to develop and strengthen its future strategic business early. Additionally, to expand its B2B business worldwide, LG electronics also set up 'BS regional project management', an organization to keep itself close to customers in Europe, Latin America, Middle East Africa, Asia, etc.

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