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The National Assembly of Korea considering building Liquefied hydrogen plants

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By jeonghyun go Journal, 2019-02-23 03:40 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) jeonghyun go Journalist = As liquefied hydrogen is getting more attentions after the Korean government announced its plan on activating hydrogen economy in January, the National Assemnly of Korea discussed a way of developing hydrogen economy by building liquefied hydrogen plants.

The seminar focused on efficient ways of storing and transporting hydrogen from production to consumption to boost up hydrogen economy, and it also treated advantages and disadvantages of liquefied hydrogen, the alternative method for storage and transportation.

Liquefied hydrogen as one of national research projects is developing with its core technology in order to get commercial providing 5ton per a day through LNG thermal energy conversion.


Park soon chan, Director of Hyundai Motors, said"In Europe, not only vehicles but also buses, trucks, etc. all got hydrogen electic and the demand for those has been increasing."and"We are also developing hydrogen vehicles and trucks, and its line up will be expanded to express buses and bigger trucks."

Park chan il, Head of department of SK Gas Eco Energy, said"The inefficient way of transporting high pressure gas hydrogen from production sites to demand areas has limited the expansion of infrastructures."and"We are planning on a new model, Eco station, in which all types of vehicles can be recharged through developed fuel cells so that we would benefit from it."

Dr. Martin Knoche from Linde in Germany also said"It is possible to build stations for liquefied hydrogen in main cities."and added"There is an example of the station in Muich, Germany, which operates currently."

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