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Netmarble ranked 1st in the game section of Brand Awards in Korea

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By jeonghyun go Journal, 2019-03-29 21:30 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) jeonghyun go Journalist = Netmarble ranked 1st in the game section of 2019 Korean Brand Star by Brandstock, the company to assess companies’ brand value.

It turned out that around 2700 participants took part in the event where domestic companies catagorized based on major sections were evaluated.

Netmarble gained the score of 842 and ranked 1st. It has ranked first every year since 2014.


The official from Brandstock said “Modoo Marble and Seven knights from Netmarble have been over 5 years since they were released and they are still super popular.” and added “Lineage2 Revolution and Blade and Soul Revolution are leading MMORPG in Korea.”

Meanwhile, Netmarble was only listed as the game company out of 100 corporations in Korea in December 2018.

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