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Global tournament for Audition by HANBIT SOFT to be held in China

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By jeonghyun go Journal, 2019-10-30 02:57 END7

(Seoul=NSP News Agency) jeonghyun go Journalist = HANBIT SOFT plans to hold an event of global tournament; the 3rd Audition by Nain-Yu in China at New Area Radio & TV Station in Pudong on 30th of November.

It is the first time that global tournament Audition is to be held overseas.

In the event, candidates from South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and South America will all get together. It is expected to be the biggest event along with the first participation of Vietnam and South America. 6 of Korean candidates who made it to the final round of domestic e-sport competition held in August will participate.


Nain-Yu responsible for running the event has served Chinese service for over 15 years since the beginning of the audition.

HANBIT SOFT also makes sure that it is to serve China until 2022 through the renewal of the contract with Nain-Yu regarding Audition.

NSP News Agency jeonghyun go Journalist
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