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HanbitDrone expands business with HanbitSoft additional investments

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By YEON SUN HAN Journal, 2019-12-24 00:59 END7

(Seoul=NSP News Agency) YEON SUN HAN Journalist = HanbitDrone, an all-around drone company, is expanding its business through additional investment made to the company by HanbitSoft.

According to Hanbitdrone on December 23, it has attracted additional investments from Hanbitsoft to secure funds for new business expansion and sustainable growth.

Hanbitdrone plans to maintain the growth by focusing on drone education and drone-related software engineering next year. The company plans to expand its sales channels, give more mission-specific training, and set up its own research institute (Hanbit Drone R&D Center).


Hanbitdrone CEO Park Yang-gyu said,"Hanbitdrone is expanding its business not only with marketing and sales, but with drone education and drone-related cultural contents for national certifications, and also providing opportunities for special purpose drone solution related to local governments. It is expected to thrive in the drone industry with various areas such as aerial photography, industrial, and professional use in the 5G mobile communication era."

NSP News Agency YEON SUN HAN Journalist
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