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Asiana Operates with 50% manpower due to Corona19

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By YEON SUN HAN Journal, 2020-03-26 23:16 END7

(Seoul=NSP News Agency) YEON SUN HAN Journalist = Asiana Airlines will implement special self-help measures for survival in April following March due to the aftermath of Corona 19.

All employees of Asiana Airlines will take at least 15 days of unpaid leave in April.It is a more strengthened measure than last month when all employees took at least 10 days of unpaid leave, and the number of leave will also expand to the head of the organization.

Asiana's executives return additional 10% of their salary for a total of 60%. In addition, flight crews of the A380 (six units), which had ceased operations since the 16th, went into paid leave as part of the maintenance measures.


“The Corona 19 has reduced international passenger routes by about 85 % (based on supply seats) and the April reservation rate is -90 % compared to the previous year,” Asiana Airlines said. “We have taken special measures to increase the number of unpaid leave for all employees because of the idle workforce of at least 70 % or more.”

In addition, Asiana emphasized,"At the moment, we cannot guarantee how long the emergency management system to overcome the crisis will continue."

NSP News Agency YEON SUN HAN Journalist
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