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WeMade, won the arbitration decision on the Legend of Mir 3 at SIAC

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By YEON SUN HAN Journal, 2020-05-10 15:35 END7

(Seoul=NSP News Agency) YEON SUN HAN Journalist = WeMade got the approval on the intellectual property of the copyright on the ‘MIR 3’ from the arbitration of ‘the Legend of MIR the third’ filed by China Lansha Information Technology Co., LTD to the Singapore International Arbitration Center(SIAC) on 7th of last month.

This arbitration was filed on 2017 August by Lansha arguing that it was a breach of the contract to transfer the contract of MIR 3 to the Electric IP, a subsidiary wholly devoted for IP of WeMade.

The Judiciary judged that Lansah breached the contract of MIR 3 and ordered to submit the list of the items that should be returned to Electronic IP or destroyed to pieces as the contract comes to an end.


Along with this, also ordered to return the trademark, documents related original and localized game and stop using the game source code. Also made Electric IP to confirm the items returned to Electric IP or destroyed to pieces.

In addition, the Judiciary ordered to pay $4.7million(KRW 5.8billion), the reimbursement on minimum damaged occurred on Lansha loyal report and legal costs to Electric IP.

NSP News Agency YEON SUN HAN Journalist
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