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Com2uS, Acquiring German Game Company, ‘OOTP’

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By soon ki Lee Journali, 2020-10-14 15:25 END7
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(서울=NSP통신) soon ki Lee Journali = Com2uS, mobile game company, announced that it had acquired 100% of the German game company, Out of the Park Developments(OOTP), and carried out the first M&A(Merger & Acquisition) for foreign company.

‘OOTP Baseball’, its representative work, is a management game that has secured a license for MLB, a US professional baseball, and is currently being serviced through Steam platform and online download. Every year, with the opening of the season, the company releases new packages, and has the most users in the US market.

Com2uS expects high synergy between the two companies with this acquisition of OOTP. Com2uS, which already has the know-how of global sports licensing games such as MLB, NBA, and KBO, is strengthening its competitiveness by adding OOTP’s management genre capabilities.


In addition, it plans to successfully lead the global market expansion of OOTP games and mobile version services through organic collaboration.

Markus Heinsohn, founder and CEO of OOTP, said, “We are very happy and grateful to be able to join hands with Com2us, a global company that is recognized for its competitiveness in the US and European markets. We are confident that Com2uS’ mobile game know-how and global market power will further grow OOTP games.”

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