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Samsung Electronics, Launching SSD ‘870 EVO’ for Consumers Globally

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By soon ki Lee Journali, 2021-01-21 11:48 END7
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(서울=NSP통신) soon ki Lee Journali = Samsung Electronics launched the SSD 870 EVO for consumers with upgraded performance and durability to the global market.

The new 870 EVO is suitable for a wide range of consumers, including content creators and IT professionals, as well as PC users who want improved PC performance.

The 870 EVO is equipped with the latest V-NAND and a controller, and Intelligent TurboWrite technology which optimizes performance according to the user’s workload is applied, improving the feeling performance.


The 870 EVO supports speeds of 560MB/s for continuous read and 530MB/s for continuous write, the highest performance that can be implemented in the SATA interface.

The 870 EVO is 2.5-inch standard, and can be used in the SATA interface.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics plans to sequentially release 5 types of 870 EVO products, including 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB, in 40 countries, including Korea and the US, Germany and China.

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