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Dreamtech, Getting US FDA Approval for Biosensor 1Ax

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By soon ki Lee Journali, 2021-07-23 08:16 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) soon ki Lee Journalist = Dreamtech announced on the 20th that it has obtained the approval from the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) for its wireless ECG patch ‘Biosensor 1Ax’ and ‘remote monitoring platform’ using it.

Following the European CE certification in May, it has laid the foundation for entering the U.S. and European markets following the supply of existing Indian markets.

The approved biosensor 1Ax is a product that adds functions such as body temperature and respiration measurement to the existing ‘Biosensor 1A’. When it is attached to the patient’s chest, major biosignals such as ECG, heart rate, body temperature, and respiration rate are transmitted to the cloud.


Real-time confirmation is possible not only on electronic devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, but also on patient monitors and hospital central monitoring systems. This approval includes not only the ‘Biosensor 1Ax’ but also the ‘remote monitoring platform’ that can monitor the patient’s biosignals with the patch attached.

Dreamtech is accelerating the healthcare business using biosensors. ‘Biosensor 2A’, the next-generation model, which added the oxygen saturation(SpO2) measurement function to the Biosensor 1Ax, is also in the development stage. In the future, it aims to remotely monitor the vital signs of all patients in the hospital by adding functions such as blood pressure and measurement.

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