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FILA Reveal Global Five-year Plan

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By hYUNJIN KIM Journali, 2022-02-24 21:39 END7
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(Seoul=NSP News Agency) hYUNJIN KIM Journalist = FILA announced their mid- to long-term vision and business strategy for the entire group, showing a sign of transformation.

On the special video released on Thursday, Fila Holdings Corp. (the chief executive officer, Yoon Keun-Chang) disclosed their global five-year plan, “Winning Together,” which will drive the group’s future success based on investment worth at least one trillion won for the next five years.

The plan and investment were focused on three pillars, such as ▲ redefining brand values (building the brand tribe), ▲ building a business model centered on customer experience (customer-centricity) ▲ practicing sustainable growth (sustainability).


Also revealed were their mid- to long-term financial goals and shareholder return plans. Consolidated sales revenue goal for 2026 is 4.4 trillion won (or 15 to 16 percent of operating profit margin), and planned investment for future innovation is about one trillion won, including shareholder returns worth 600 billion won for the following five years.

“The Winning Together global five-year plan will be essential for our global business management. It is very meaningful for us,” said the CEO. “Fila will leap forward as a premium lifestyle sports brand rooted in Italian heritage, through strategic plans, financial investment, and core assets.”

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