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Hanwha Systems, First Step in Hyperspectral Satellite Business… 5 Satellites to be Supplied by 2028

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By Soon-ki Lee and Jeonghwa Choi, 2024-07-03 17:15 ENX7
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(Seoul=NSP NEWS AGENCY) = Hanwha Systems is entering the hyperspectral satellite business capable of observing greenhouse gases. The project size is approximately KRW 40.5 billion, and a total of five satellites are planned to be developed and supplied by 2028.

Hanwha Systems announced on the 3rd that it had won a contract to develop a miniature hyperspectral satellite for greenhouse gas observation hosted by the National Institute of Environmental Research.

Hyperspectral satellites are observation satellites that can observe even invisible atmospheric pollutants from space in detail by finely dividing the wavelengths of light into hundreds or more spectra.


The satellite to be developed this time will orbit in a low-orbit at an altitude of less than 600 km and will be used to calculate the amount of methane and carbon dioxide emissions, which are considered the main culprits of global warming, measure their distribution, and monitor areas of concern for excessive emissions.

Hanwha Systems develops the entire satellite, from the satellite body and payload development to system integration, and provides total solutions for greenhouse gas observation satellites, including launch and operation support.

This is Hanwha Systems’ first foray into the hyperspectral satellite market.

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