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2013 Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival 'Gaecheon Art Festival'(6)

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By 도남선 기자, 2013-11-04 11:44 END1
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[NSPTV] 2013 Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival 'Gaecheon Art Festival'(6)

[경남=NSP통신] 도남선 기자 = The 63rd Gaecheon Art Festival has kicked off its 8-day schedule on the 3rd of October. With 64 performances ready to take place under 10 events, the heart and soul of its arts is our next stop.

The Gaecheon Art Festival is reputed to be the pioneer of Korea’s regional festivities and the pride of artists and the representative event of Jinju. The art festival has now grown to be more than a mere regional festival of our modern history. The Gaecheon Art Festival first took place in 1949 to celebrate the establishment of the 1st Korean government under the name of the Yeong-nam Art Festival. Other than the times of the Korean War and other key incidents, it has beautified the autumns of Jinju ever since.


With history and tradition behind its back, The Gaecheon Art Festival is in high hopes of restoring its former reputation by being selected as the representative festival of Gyeongnam province this year.

It’s 6:30 on the evening of October 3rd, and it all began on the special stage in front of the Jinju Fortress. The festival commenced with the traditional ceremony of bell striking for defending the home country. The street art parades were not only held in day times but in nights as well to hint the future night festivals in accordance with the Namgang Yudeung Festival.


I’m currently here at the streets of victory costume parade of the Battle of Jinju. Passing by Jinju Middle School towards the Jinju Fortress, the reenactment of soldiers and performers are providing exciting shows.

In addition, the Gaecheon Art Festival is a fierce battleground for a wide variety of artists, both traditional and contemporary. Participants have fought through a month competition with their own creative and artistic talent. Such as this, the Gaecheon Art Festival has acted as the gateway to success for numerous talented artists in Korea.

The 63rd Gaecheon Art Festival is waiting to interact with its people and visitors with the motto, “Open up! Share! And Embrace!”

After a half of century of its existence, the Gaecheon Art Festival has undoubtedly become an event of its own in Korea.

Bringing you from Jinju, Donovan Yoon from NSP News.

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