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The importance of peace that reminded the UN Memorial Cemetery

NSP NEWS AGENCY, By 허아영 기자, 2014-06-12 12:14 END1
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[NSP TV] The importance of peace that reminded the UN Memorial Cemetery

(부산=NSP통신 허아영 기자) = (NSP Global Little News Im Ji Yeon) = The blue sea in Busan is rippling peacefully as usual.

Our enjoying this kind of peace can be said a benediction.

However peace has been built upon someone's sacrifice.


UN Memorial Cemetery in Busan is the place in which our generation and our descents can understand the importance of peace.

Here, UN soldiers who lost their lives to save peace on the Korean peninsular are enshrined with their spirit of sacrifice.

There is a saying"no future is for a people who forget their history".

Today, I will show you the history of the UN Memorial Cemetery in Busan.

This park is the only UN Cemetery designated by the UN in 1955, making us understand the importance of the spirit of international cooperation when it comes to world peace.

Immediately after the North Korean troops invaded into South Korea on 25th June 1950, the UN held meeting of the Security Council and dispatched troops and medical personnels from 21 countries.

During the Korean war more than 40 thousand UN soldiers lost their lives and about 11 thousand of them are enshrined here.

Now many of them returned to their countries and 23 hundred remain here.

The Black Wall on which the names of the dead are written embodies the lotus in the pond and the helmet of the dead, saying their sacrifice gave us peace.

In the memorial park, there is a special aqueduct called Daunt which is named after a 17-year-old boy JP Daunt who sacrificed himself in the war.

On the top of the pillars around the pond, there are endless flames, which are the emblem of their unforgettable honor and sacrifice.

Those who visit the park think again the cruelty of wars.

The flowers lying before a number of tombstones seem to ask us not to forget the sacrifice of the numerous young men who lost their valuable lives to keep peace.

In the UN Memorial Park I'm Im Ji Yeon from nsp global little news team.

[Editor] Oh Hye Won PD dotoli5@nspna.com

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